Watch the Arkham Knight trailer. The Dark Knight faces down the Arkham Knight while Gotham City descends into chaos...
Arkham Knight

Exodus: Gods and Kings

Check out the spectacular trailer for Ridley Scott's Epic Exodus.
Exodus: Gods and Kings

Classic Film

Revisiting another classic film that you probably didn't see.
Classic Film
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JMN, Jammsbro's Movie News. We opened on a sunday night in 2007 after watching 30 Days of Night and realising that there was nowhere honest left in the film news world. All the sites were either too big and too formal or too elitist and snooty. The other sites are good, yes, but we say what we think, review and discuss the movies we like and leave the rest in the dirt. Follow us for a while and you'll know what we do and you can either like us or leave us. We're about films, awesome films.

Some More Trek Stuff

More details have emerged about some of the supporting cast of the new Star Trek movie, which includes crew members of the USS Kelvin. If you look closely, you'll notice the First Officer's surname may be quite significant.

Original Gangster

Months ago, we published a behind the scenes shot of Johnny Depp playing gangster John Dillinger in Michael Mann's new movie Public Enemies. Well new photos have emerged of Depp and co-star Christian Bale, who plays FBI Agent Melvin Purvis, and is determined to bring down Dillinger. The movie is out on July 1st 2009. Looks damn good.


Here's the first picture of Gambit from the upcoming Wolverine movie. The photo was exclusively previewed in the new edition of Empire. The movie is due for release next May

He's Just Not That Into You - international trailer

Deleted because the fucking thing wouldn't stop autoplaying.

Stallone casts Ludgren

Sylvester Stallones upcoming The Expendables (scripted by Stallone himself) has just gotten Dolph Ludgren on board in a surprise addition to the cast.

As well as Stallone himself we will also see Jason Statham and Jet Li in the film which is about a group of mercenaries warring to bring down a south american dictator.

To me this is awesome news as Expendables already sounded like a brilliant action concept. Will he go one step further and try to get Anrold as well for the last, ultimate action movie?

Resident Evil:Degeneration released

The all CGI movie will see a DVD release on December 30th.

Some New Features added!

We added a couple of new features to the blog. You can now comment on whether or not the news in each post is you're kind of news or not. You'll see the choices at the bottom of each post. Make it known what SUCKS and what does not.

Also we've added two subscription links in the sidebar so you can follow the updates in any way you prefer.

There is a short list of other blogs that some of you will already know we update. If you run a blog yourself and would like to be added to the list then mail me.

And finally we added a Followers link, so if you have a google account you can list yourselves as a follower of our movie news blog.

Cheers :D

Better Star Trek trailer and two promo posters

Let's face it, this is going to be awesome.

They'll be pimping Trek on everything soon.

Terminator Salvation motion poster

New Spock Image

Proof that Leonard Nimoy is in the new Star Trek movie.

Dark Knight Oscar Promo's

Halloween 2

Tyler Mane, who played Michael Myers in the 2007 remake of Halloween has said that a sequel to the Rob Zombie directed movie is underway. Two directors are in contention for the helm and Zombie is not one of them. Life in the old dog yet or time to be put down?

Jackie Chans - The Spy Next Door

Mr Chan is currently filming The Spy Next Door, a story of a spy who has to protect his neighbours kids who accidentally download a top secret code from the web and become targets for BAD GUYS!!! Cue loads of nimble footed dexterity and jiggery pokery from Chan who still looks like a weasel on speed when he gets going. Oh, and Amber Valetta is in it too. She's prettier than Chan so it's her pic i am putting up.

II Am Legend

II Am Legend (the unofficial working title to the follow up project) it seems will no longer be a prequel showing the fall of manking but rather a sequel in which we hear Will Smith might be returning in????

We'll keep you posted when we hear more.


Watch this, seriously. WAtch it. Movie of the YEAR ALREADY!!!

Twilight Sequel confirmed

So, no-one was really shocked by this one. With it's teenage girl fanclub it was a certainty that Twilight was going to do well on it's opening. So the second book in the series, entitled New Moon is already going into pre-production. I assume that the cast had a prerequisite contract for potential sequels and are already signed on.

Box Office

No surprises for Twilight taking the top spot then eh?

Rank Title Weekend Gross
1 Twilight (2008/I) $70.6M $70.6M
2 Quantum of Solace (2008) $27.4M $109M
3 Bolt (2008) $27M $27M
4 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008) $16M $137M
5 Role Models (2008) $7.23M $48M
6 Changeling (2008) $2.64M $31.6M
7 High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008) $2.01M $86.8M
8 Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008) $1.7M $29.4M
9 The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (2008) $1.67M $2.65M
10 The Secret Life of Bees (2008) $1.27M $35.6M

Scriptgirls Hollywood script report

Ice Age III trailer

Will Scrat find true love?????

Whiteout one sheet

Kate beckinsale's new horror/thriller set in the arctic.

Knightley out of Pirates 4

Keira Knightley has said that she thinks her Pirating days are behing her and that no more Pirates of the Carribean for her. Obviously a fourth film (as part of a new trilogy) is being gurgled into life just now but it might look like it's going to be Johnny Depp alone. I'd like to see Keira Knightley, if you get the pun.

Sherlock Holmes trivia

Remember how we said that the new Guy ritchie Sherlock Holmes movie would have Homes as a badass, a martial arts expert and so on? Well after a little reading it seems that the television adaptations made Holmes out to be a much drearier character than the books. In the books Holmes is an expert boxer, a martial artists and an expert swordfighter! He's also much more of a chemist ala' CSI than the superbrain know-it-all that we are used to. I think it should make for a much better character.

And if they do it right we could see a possible franchise.

Nero and Uhura Posters

The advertising for next year's Star Trek seems to be stepping up a gear lately. With the phenomenal trailer released last week, the latest promotional material is two new posters of Eric Bana as Romulan villain Nero and Zoe Saldana as Uhura.

Much like the recent Kirk and Spock posters, this continues the dark and moody look of the previous two. Can't wait.

Kunis for Book of Eli

Mila Kunis has signed on for The Book of Eli, Denzel Washingtons post apocalyptic thriller about a man destined to take a fabled book across a devastated America.

Kunis's star is rising fast and she is hot right now thanks to Max Payne. She's definitely talented so this is another great addition to this cast.

Bourne to go for franchise?

Universal studios have just snapped up the rights to all future potential Jason Bourne movies after finalising a deal with (Bourne creator) Robert Ludlums estate.
Universal now have an aim of continuing the Bourne story as a Bond like franchise. And what with director Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon returning for part 4 (being scripted now and due for a 2010 release) it's all looking rosy for the quite brilliant world of Bourne.

Lets face it, we needed films like Bourne to restore dignity to the action/spy genre. It even gave Bond a kick in the backside and look how well that's doing now.

Tremors 5!!!

Hi everyone, Filmhead here. Just adding a small thanks for you guys and checking out what we've been reporting for the past year. Looking forward to posting much more cool stuff over the next year.

Well, straight out the door is news of a fifth installment in the Tremors franchise. This series has had a general decline in quality since the release of the original movie in 1990. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward starred in it and it was a brilliant little monster movie which unfortunately bombed big time at the box office. It was followed by a straight to video sequel 'Aftershocks' in 1996. Bacon had become a big box office draw at this time so Ward was the main connection to the original. A third straight to DVD movie came out in 2001 and was followed by a prequel movie in 2004. There was also a short-lived TV series in 2003.

So. Number 5. It's being called Tremors: The Thunder From Down Under and is set in the land of Oz. Nothing more has been confirmed about the production, only that it will again be a direct to DVD release. I do hope that it can redeem some of the charm that the original had.

X-Men: First Class

The third in the upcoming line of X-Men spin offs after Origins for both Wolverine and Magneto, X-Men first class will deal with the teenage X=Men characters from the previous trilogy and others that were only hinted at. Very little is known about it, whether or not it will stick to the comic line is a mystery. No castings confirmed yet.

1st year !!!!

It's a year since Filmhead and i started blogging filmnews on here and we'd like to say thank you to everyone who visits the blog, whether it be casually or regularly. It's nice to know people are reading us :D

Here's to another year.

Nothing But The Truth trailer

Kate Beckinsale's new thriller.

Robotech Movie being scripted!

Robotech is a japanese gaming phenomenon that started in the 80's and still has a lifeblood today. It's set in a world where humans war with both themselves and alien invader in gigantic robot war machines.
The script is being penned by Shanghai Nights and Smaville writers and should see pre production sometime soon.


Even the title makes little sense but the producers or the new Terminator fr4anchise are heading up XXX 3: The return of Xander Cage.

You're probably wondering why. Us too.

Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter?

Adding to the list of quirky characters he has played in his impressive career, this may be the first picture of Johnny Depp playing the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's upcoming re-telling of the Lewis Carroll story, Alice in Wonderland.

Depp and Burton working together again. Already sounds good.

New Trek Trailer

Following new images and a promtional tour throughout Europe by JJ Abrams, the brand spanking new trailer for Star Trek is now online. Quite frankly, it's awesome. The trailer seems to focus on Kirk and Spock, indicating that the movie may follow suit, but we see some very cool, albeit brief glimpses of the rest of the crew, including a very funny clip of Simon Pegg as Scotty.

You can view the clip in glorious HD by going to the official website at:

Enjoy. I know you will.

Scriptgirls Hollywood script report

Box Office

Rank Title Weekend Gross
1 Quantum of Solace (2008) $70.4M $70.4M
2 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008) $36.1M $118M
3 Role Models (2008) $11.7M $38.1M
4 High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008) $5.88M $84.4M
5 Changeling (2008) $4.25M $27.6M
6 Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008) $3.2M $26.5M
7 Soul Men (2008) $2.43M $9.45M
8 The Secret Life of Bees (2008) $2.4M $33.7M
9 Saw V (2008) $1.79M $55.4M
10 The Haunting of Molly Hartley (2008) $1.65M $12.7M


Here is the first shot of the Starship Enterprise from the upcoming Star Trek movie. You may notice the nacelles are shaped differently and there is no A, B or C after the number, indicating that this is the original. Warp Speed!!!!

New Watchmen poster art


Trailer looks seriously good. Might even be the sequel we were looking for.


Trailer looks seriously good. Might even be the sequel we were looking for.


So it looks like Man on Fire on PCP. Who cares, looks ace.


Okay, so it's the right more. We'll get quality. But another year??