Watch the Arkham Knight trailer. The Dark Knight faces down the Arkham Knight while Gotham City descends into chaos...
Arkham Knight

Exodus: Gods and Kings

Check out the spectacular trailer for Ridley Scott's Epic Exodus.
Exodus: Gods and Kings

Classic Film

Revisiting another classic film that you probably didn't see.
Classic Film
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This is the official version of the awesome bootleg trailer upped last week. Beneath is a four minute feature on the making of Avatar featuring the genius of James Cameron.

I have been proper excited to see this in all it's glory. Cannot wait.

The feature.

New Shutter IslAND tRAILER

The latest trailer for Martin Scorceses mystery thriller Shutter Island, starring Leonardo Dicaprio, Michelle Williams, Sir Ben Kingsley and Robert Deniro.

The trailer shows us a little more and hints at the big mystery going on. I already have my suspicions as to what the reveal will be but i hope i'm caught out by something clever.


Sam Raimi has confirmed that the villian of Spiderman 4 will be The Lizard. The Lizard is one of Spidermans longest running enemies and they share a complicated relationship. The Lizard, once a brilliant military scientist named Curt Connors helps spiderman on occasion when he is Connors but in a Jekyll and Hyde style transformation becomes an extremely violent and destructive bipedal lizard creature.

Raimi has promised that there will only be one villian in Spiderman 4 and that the Lizard will be it. The character of Curt Connors has already made an appearance in all three Spiderman film and was played by Dylan Baker in the last two.

Keira Knightley - Fair lady

Keira Knightley has been tied to this for ages but now she's officially been cast in the lead role for the remake of My Fair Lady, previously made famous by Audrey Hepburn.

The original was a popular musical and Knightley is taking singing lessons for the part with she and her director wishing her to sing everything herself. She's previously worked with director Joe Wright before on Atonement and Pride and Prejudice so i imagine they are fans of each others work.

One thing i don't is why Knightley said that she wanted out of period pieces and now doesn't seem to do anything else.

She beat out Scarlett Johansson for the role and to be fair it's the right choice. for many reasons, none more so than Scarlett's lacklustre voice.

The fourth kind feature

The trailer for this Alien Encounter story looked really creepy and yahoo put up this short feature on the film. Enjoy.

First official A-TEAM picture!

Here is the first official group promo shot for the new A-Team movie. From left to right it features Bradley Cooper (Faceman), Rampage Jackson (BA Baracus), Sharlto Copley (Howling Mad Murdock) and Liam Neeson (Hannibal Smith).

Box Office

TWLWTitle (click to view)StudioWeekend Gross% ChangeTheater Count / ChangeAverageTotal GrossBudget*Week #
1 3 Paranormal Activity Par. $22,000,000 +12.1% 1,945 +1,185 $11,311 $62,477,000 $0.015 5
2 N Saw VI LGF $14,800,000 - 3,036 - $4,875 $14,800,000 $11 1
3 1 Where the Wild Things Are WB $14,420,000 -55.9% 3,735 - $3,861 $53,960,000 $100 2
4 2 Law Abiding Citizen Over. $12,713,000 -39.6% 2,890 - $4,399 $40,318,000 $50 2
5 4 Couples Retreat Uni. $11,097,000 -35.6% 3,074 +65 $3,610 $78,213,000 $70 3
6 N Astro Boy Sum. $7,017,000 - 3,014 - $2,328 $7,017,000 $65 1
7 5 The Stepfather (2009) SGem $6,500,000 -43.9% 2,734 - $2,377 $20,352,000 $20 2
8 N Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant Uni. $6,348,000 - 2,754 - $2,305 $6,348,000 $40 1
9 6 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Sony $5,600,000 -30.2% 2,741 -296 $2,043 $115,204,000 $100 6
10 7 Zombieland Sony $4,300,000 -43.5% 2,447 -724 $1,757 $67,308,000 $23.6 4

Phenomenal new 2012 trailer

Watch this. Seriously. It's amazing.

If your connection and computer can handle it then switch to HD.

New avatar bootleg trailer

Okay, this isn't supposed to be officially released until next week but some clever bugger has got it online for now.

The first avatar trailer was greeted with a mixed response and it now looks like Cameron is going all guns blazing with this new trailer. To be frank, it looks amazing, absolutely amazing. This trailer fills in the narrative storyline so we get a clear idea of what Avatar is actually about. On top of that the action looks spectacular. This is going to set new boundaries i think.

This is a low quality version but worth watching until the High Res version comes out next week.

District 9 director gets new film

Neill Blomkamp, writer and director of the stunning District 9 (easily the film of the year for me) has been given a green light on his next film, even though no script has yet been written. That's the power of word of mouth for you.
Blomkamp says that his next feature will be another sci-fi outing and will be separate from D9 completely, although he mantains that certain ethical themes may crop up once more.

After D9 i'll pay to see anything this guy does. He's got the pre-approved gold star from me.

Season of the witch - trailer

I hadn't paid much attention to this film to be honest, i kind of gave it miss for no real reason, but this teaser has whet my appetite to see it.

It stars Nick Cage, take a peek. You might be entertained. I was.

Awesome new Wolfman trailer

The second and far better trailer for The Wolfman, starring Anthony Hopkins, Benicio Del Toro, Hugo Weaving and Emily Blunt. Written by Se7en creator Andrew Kevin Walker this has been long in gestation and after this trailer i am happy to say high in anticipation for me. The transformation effects look superb, far more realistic (if possible) that anything previously seen.

Bruce willis for Kane and Lynch

It's official, Bruce Willis has signed on to play the co-lead in the big screen adaptation of the cult video Game Kane and Lynch.

McClane, i mean Willis is playing Adam "Kane" Marcus, a convicted murderer on his way to death row for execution when another inmate, James Seth Lynch, tells him that he is being boosted from prison en route to death row. Cue a double crossing gun rampage by Kane and Lynch as they try to escape and get revenge on the crew that both boosted and betrayed them.

Kane and Lynch is unique as its heroes are two psychopathic killers fighting against a brutal gang, hence no real golden boys, only gun-toting maniacs bent on slaughtering each other.

The script is being described as "one of the best action scripts ever" and "an excellent buddy movie" albeit it by the producer, but still, might be.

Not word on more casting yet, i'll post when i do know.

This is the trailer for the game. Check it out.

A-Team - First footage

Here is the first actual footage from the A-Team movie. It shows Rampage Jackson (UFC) and Sharlto Copley (District 9) as Ba Baracus and Murdock with some soundbites from Bradley Cooper and Jessica Biel (Faceman and Amy Allen respectively).

It looks like they are having a ton of fun filming and for me it's great to see actual footage of Sharlto Copley as Murdock and how Rampage Jackson handles BA so well. After you see this short clip you won't believe how much he is like Mr T in it.

Cillian Murphy says more Batman!

Batman Begins baddie Cillian Murphy says he is dying to see more Batman from Christopher Nolan as he thinks the the Dark Knight was one of the greatest films. Murphy also said that he doesn't know if Christopher Nolan is going to do a third part but that he would love to see him do more.

Now that begs a question i don't think many have considered, what about a return for the scarecrow to the series?

Legion - banners

Some brilliant character banners for Legion. If you want to revisit the trailer you can HERE.

Bruce Campbell in spiderman 4!!!

Spiderman director Sam Raimi has given an interview at comic con saying that B-movie god Bruce Campbell will be given a meaty role in the new Spidey flick. Campbell is definitely in although it's not clear what side he'll be playing on, Spidey's or the villians. Raimi himself hasn't even decided who the main bad guy will be for that matter. Raimi did say however that he has learned his lesson from 3 and has plans to simplify the storyline villian-wise this time around.

Who cares, just get Ash on screen.

Sherlock Holmes - trailer 2

Check out the second trailer for Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes adap. This one is definitely playing on the action side of things and there is a lot going on in it. Ritchie's flair for humour seems to be back after the very straight faced Revolover.

Sherlock Holmes stars Robert Downey Jnr, Jude Law and Rachel McAdams and comes out on Christmas day.

Carousel - Short film

An absolutely brilliant short film called Carousel. Directed by Adam Berg, this is actually a promotions advert for a new cinema ratio television. If you want to watch it in super high definition then there is a link at the bottom. You can also see how cool the cinema TV is.

Daybreakers poster

The second (and probably final) poster for Daybreakers.
Daybreakers stars Ethan Hawke, Sam Neill, Willem Dafoe and Isabel Lucas. In a world where a plague has turned almost all human life into vampires there is an ever decreasing blood supply. So they surviving humans are rounded up and farmed for blood. A young human (Isabel Lucas) is the last surviving free human and a vampire (Ethan Hawke) thinks he has found the cure for the human race. The secret lies with the last human, whom he must protect against a planet of vampires.

Out early 2010.

Expendables - FIRST TRAILER!!

The first trailer from the action movie with the greatest action cast ever. Stallone unites....well everyone for this mercenaries on a suicide mission shoot em up.

Box Office

TWLWTitle (click to view)StudioWeekend Gross% ChangeTheater Count / ChangeAverageTotal GrossBudget*Week #
1 N Couples Retreat Uni. $35,340,000 - 3,000 - $11,780 $35,340,000 $70 1
2 1 Zombieland Sony $15,000,000 -39.4% 3,038 +2 $4,937 $47,801,000 $23.6 2
3 2 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Sony $12,000,000 -24.1% 2,992 +15 $4,011 $96,251,000 $100 4
4 3 Toy Story / Toy Story 2 (3D) BV $7,674,000 -38.6% 1,752 +7 $4,380 $22,676,000 - 2
5 20 Paranormal Activity Par. $7,066,000 +1,227.6% 160 +127 $44,163 $8,280,000 - 3
6 4 Surrogates BV $4,115,000 -43.2% 2,992 +41 $1,375 $32,573,000 $80 3
7 5 The Invention of Lying WB $3,370,000 -52.0% 1,743 +36 $1,933 $12,327,000 $18.5 2
8 6 Whip It FoxS $2,800,000 -39.8% 1,738 +17 $1,611 $8,766,000 $15 2
9 8 Capitalism: A Love Story Over. $2,700,000 -39.3% 995 +33 $2,714 $9,095,000 - 3
10 7 Fame (2009) MGM $2,556,000 -44.8% 3,110 -23 $822 $20,042,000 $18 3

Toy story 3 posters and trailer!

Three brand new posters from everyone's favourite toys. Hamm, Jessie and Rex and the new trailer for your viewing pleasure :D (trailer is below)

Marlon Wayans to play Richard Prior

Marlon Wayans is set to play Richard Pryor in a hard cut biopic of the troubled comedians life story. Wayans (last seen in GI Joe) was brought into the project after a 13 minute audition tape blew the producers away as Wayans "transformed" into Prior onscreen.

Followers of this might wonder why Eddie Murphy isn't playin g the role as he was attached to the project for years and Prior was both his inspiration and hero proffesionally. Murphy had a falling out with the producers and then the film moved to Sony. One thing led to another and now Murphy is out and Wayans is in.

Fans shouldn't worry though. I've watched alot of Marlon wayans and the guy has the ability to go far beyond the tripe comedic fair he and his brothers plunder year after year. I have total faith that he'll bring something real and gritty to an already unique story of a brilliant man. If you don't believe me, go watch his performance in Requiem for a Dream.

Splice - first footage

This has been in production for a while now. It seems like one of those films where the studio keeps holding off for a "magid" release date. Its a sci-fi thriller starring Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley.

Predators to star adrien brody

I'm not kidding, this is not a wind up. The Robert Rodriguez launched Predators movie, long in the waiting is finally coming as we know. And Adrien Brody is the lead. Yes, Adrien Brody. W-T-F????

The PIANIST?? The gimpy guy from the Village??? Okay, so let it be clear. I am not a fan of this guy in any way. H epresents himself as an actor of character and substance and is regarded as a great talent. But hes fooled his acting compatraots, how? By taking as many "serious" roles as he can. Most people are forgetting that he is AN AVERAGE ACTOR AT BEST. To put him in the lead in a predator film is just daft. Okay, so he migh have shaved his head and worked out a little more but that only looks good in still pictures. On screen it'll be Adrien Bordy, all elbows and weakness against one of cinemas most brutal killers.

This project had my interest since i first heard Roriguez did a script tens years ago. Now with the addition of Brody as lead i've instantly lost all interest. May as well make another AVP as far as i'm concerned.

Kill Bill 3

Tarantino has said that "The bride will fight again" and that means we will see Kill Bill 3 moving into production sometime in the next couple of years.

He says that he wants to give the bride ten years of peace with her daughter and then something will happen to make the bride fight.

Now, i wasn't a fan of either of the KB movies. Hate me if you will but i thought they were bad, yes, nad. I hated watching them from start to finish and cannot understand why there is such high regard for them at all. For me the only cool part was the animated section in part 1, the whole movie would have benifited from being entirely animated i think.

QT obviously loves the bride and Uma Thurman. But are we too see some twisty shenanigans in order to bring Bill back (recast)? Or will we see Bill's brother Jack in Kill Bill 3: Whack Jack?

Box Office

TWLWTitle (click to view)StudioWeekend Gross% ChangeTheater Count / ChangeAverageTotal GrossBudget*Week #
1 N Zombieland Sony $24,733,155 - 3,036 - $8,147 $24,733,155 $23.6 1
2 1 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Sony $15,809,039 -36.9% 2,977 -142 $5,310 $81,501,320 $100 3
3 N Toy Story / Toy Story 2 (3D) BV $12,491,789 - 1,745 - $7,159 $12,491,789 - 1
4 2 Surrogates BV $7,241,054 -51.4% 2,951 - $2,454 $26,284,134 $80 2
5 N The Invention of Lying WB $7,027,472 - 1,707 - $4,117 $7,027,472 $18.5 1
6 N Whip It FoxS $4,650,812 - 1,721 +1,218 $2,702 $4,650,812 $15 1
7 3 Fame (2009) MGM $4,626,952 -53.8% 3,133 +37 $1,477 $16,507,188 $18 2
8 31 Capitalism: A Love Story Over. $4,447,378 +1,817.3% 962 +958 $4,623 $4,849,067 - 2
9 4 The Informant! WB $3,689,235 -44.3% 2,425 -80 $1,521 $26,469,331 $22 3
10 7 Love Happens Uni. $2,749,025 -36.2% 1,922 +24 $1,430 $18,882,080 $18 3

Even more Clash ot the Titans pics

This is starting to look better and better all the time.

Sam Worthington says that his character Perseus isn't anything like the golden boy hero of the previous Titans film, instead he's a anrgy, reluctant hero. He says...

"He's just your golden hero that you're meant to follow," says Worthington of the old Perseus. "I feel when my Perseus starts out, he should be this bombastic tank. The gods have killed his family. He's Charles Bronson! He's gonna go for revenge, and the best way to achieve that is to kill the Kraken. Well, to kill the Kraken you gotta kill Medusa. To get to Medusa, you gotta take on the witches. Then once he kills the Kraken, he's gonna kill fuckin' Hades and Zeus and everybody else! But along the way he needs to learn to calm down, ask for help. And out of that comes the true hero. A hero isn't someone who leads men; a hero is someone that's in the trench with the men."

Warhammer movie coming

One of the biggest gaming phenomenons in the world is Warhammer. From fantasy role play to table top gaming and beyond it has a huge army of fans. Many of which have been clamouring for a movie for decades. Now it seems they will have thier film as a Warhammer 40K movie, simply titled "Ultramarines" is being made right now. Not much has been said but Codex films (Warhammers own company) released this.

"Codex Pictures have announced production of Ultramarines, the first feature film to be based upon Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40k."

Now, unless they get massive, and i mean massive funding i can only see this happening as a CGI movie. They tend not to do as well as live action in the box office area. But anyone familiar with Final Fantasy: Advent Children will know just how spectacular these films can be.

For anyone who isn't aware, Warhammer 40K Is a fictional universe in which Humans have genetically enhanced themselves into a new sub-species with the intent of fighting their whole lives in a perpetual war that spans the entire galaxy. Space Marines, as they are known protect the human empire from vast alien armies, ancient civilisations and heretic humans. Basically the whole universe is at war. All the time.

The Crazies - first trailer

I can't tell you how surprised i was at this trailer. It looks brilliant. So, they plot looks very similar to some stuff Dean Koontz and Richard Layom wrote in the 90's but this looks like it's been very well executed and with the very Talented Timothy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell it's sure to be something worth seeing.

A-Team. First pics

Featuring Jessica Biel, Rampage Jackson, Bradley Cooper and Liam Neeson. No Sharlto Copley as yet, but then he was always sprung late in the show so they'll probably do the same here.

Triangle -trailer feat Melissa george

After a slow couple of weeks the news is starting to pick up again.

So here is the trailer for the psychological thriller Triangle, starring uber hot Melissa George. The film is set in three revolving sections that gradually reveal more and more of whats going on. I'd say more but i'd ruin it.

Law Abiding citizen - trailer

God knows how i missed this trailer when it came out last week but i did.

Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx star in Law Abiding Citizen, about a man who....

Just watch it.

Fantastic Mr Fox - trailer

I thought this would be good, but it's quite frankly brilliant. Stop motion works much better and they've really brought the script up to date. Cannot wait.

Clash of the titans images

Two much better versions of the clash of the titans on set pics featuring the lead, Sam Worthington (Terminator Salvation) as hero Perseus.


Trailer looks seriously good. Might even be the sequel we were looking for.


Trailer looks seriously good. Might even be the sequel we were looking for.


So it looks like Man on Fire on PCP. Who cares, looks ace.


Okay, so it's the right more. We'll get quality. But another year??