Watch the Arkham Knight trailer. The Dark Knight faces down the Arkham Knight while Gotham City descends into chaos...
Arkham Knight

Exodus: Gods and Kings

Check out the spectacular trailer for Ridley Scott's Epic Exodus.
Exodus: Gods and Kings

Classic Film

Revisiting another classic film that you probably didn't see.
Classic Film
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The losers - first peek

First trailer for the adaptation of The Losers starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana and Chris Evans.

The Losers are a bunch of B-list black ops operators who are double crossed by their CIA handler who orders their execution. Cue the Losers taking it on themselves to get retribution on their old boss. Trailer looks ace, check it out.

<a href="" target="_new" title="'The Losers' Exclusive Look">Video: 'The Losers' Exclusive Look</a>

Wall street 2 trailer

Here is the first trailer anbd poster art for the return of the Gekko. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps stars Michael Douglas, Cary Mulligan and Shia Lebouf. Director Oliver Stone also returns for the revisiting of the story he created. Expect more worldy context this time around.


I said it would happen today and it has. Avatar just sank Titanic and has become the number one film in box office history, beating the $1.83Billion set in 1997 by Titanic's record run.

I say $2billion before it's run is over. And the US domestic record.

The Crazies - new posters

I could have sworn i put these up last week. Oh well. Three new promo artworks for the upcoming The Crazies. Go see it.

Box Office

A low opening weekend for Legion with keep Avatars world domination on course as it sits only $9million behind Titanic as i type this. By tomorrow it will have surpassed it. Book of Eli does another respectable week and i'm glad to see The Lovely Bones making a comeback this week. Go see it.

TWLWTitle (click to view)StudioWeekend Gross% ChangeTheater Count / ChangeAverageTotal GrossBudget*Week #
1 1 Avatar Fox $36,000,000 -15.9% 3,141 -144 $11,461 $552,797,000 - 6
2 N Legion (2010) SGem $18,200,000 - 2,476 - $7,351 $18,200,000 $26 1
3 2 The Book of Eli WB $17,000,000 -48.2% 3,111 - $5,464 $62,003,000 $80 2
4 N The Tooth Fairy Fox $14,500,000 - 3,344 - $4,336 $14,500,000 $48 1
5 3 The Lovely Bones P/DW $8,800,000 -48.3% 2,571 +8 $3,423 $31,624,000 $65 7
6 5 Sherlock Holmes WB $7,115,000 -28.1% 2,670 -503 $2,665 $191,564,000 $90 5
7 N Extraordinary Measures CBS $7,000,000 - 2,549 - $2,746 $7,000,000 $31 1
8 4 Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel Fox $6,500,000 -44.1% 2,973 -323 $2,186 $204,237,000 $75 5
9 7 It's Complicated Uni. $6,190,000 -23.7% 2,301 -369 $2,690 $98,650,000 $85 5
10 6 The Spy Next Door LGF $4,750,000 -51.2% 2,924 - $1,624 $18,710,000 - 2

Avatar - behind the scenes

Here's a 22 minute video showing some of the amazing work done behind the camera to bring us Avatar. It's a geniunely fascinating watch and shows just how much effort and imagination went into this groundbreaking piece of filmmaking. Even if it doesn't win best film, James Cameron deserves another best director Oscar because of what he has achieved here.

Season of the Witch trailer 2

A new trailer and bunch of stills from the new Nic Cage movie. I think it looks pretty good.

Hot Tub Time Machine R/Band

Alot funnier than the normal trailer. Definetly check this one out.

Conan is cast

For all of you (and me) who though that the new Conan movie would never get off the ground, here is a spot of news that might change your opinion. They have cast Conan and he is to be Jason Momoa of Stargate Atlantis fame. Momoa won out in a lengthy audition process for the role.

Casting of Conan's father was always rumoured to carry with it the promise of Schwarzenegger in a cameo but now the producers have offered the role to Mickey Rourke instead. A nice choice if he takes it but i still think King Conan handing down the sword to his son would have been a great image if it was big Arnie.

Golden Globe Results.

Click to embiggen!!
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Avatar will sink Titanic

Avatar continues its global onslaught at the box office and retains it's title for the fifth week in a row. Avatars total box office now sits at $1.6billion, just short of Titanics $1.8billion but Avatar is still going strong and a $2billion movie is now a possibility.

The Book of Eli took a respectable opening weekend and i expect it to do better next week after word of mouth has spread.

TWLWTitle (click to view)StudioWeekend Gross% ChangeTheater Count / ChangeAverageTotal GrossBudget*Week #
1 1 Avatar Fox $41,300,000 -17.9% 3,285 -137 $12,572 $491,767,000 - 5
2 N The Book of Eli WB $31,615,000 - 3,111 - $10,162 $31,615,000 $80 1
3 - The Lovely Bones P/DW $17,060,000 +44,129.0% 2,563 +2,560 $6,656 $17,527,000 $100 6
4 3 Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel Fox $11,500,000 -30.6% 3,296 -345 $3,489 $192,592,000 $75 4
5 2 Sherlock Holmes WB $9,825,000 -40.8% 3,173 -453 $3,096 $180,018,000 $90 4
6 N The Spy Next Door LGF $9,700,000 - 2,924 - $3,317 $9,700,000 - 1
7 5 It's Complicated Uni. $7,672,000 -30.3% 2,670 -285 $2,873 $88,224,000 $85 4
8 6 Leap Year Uni. $5,828,000 -36.7% 2,512 +1 $2,320 $17,529,000 $19 2
9 7 The Blind Side WB $5,565,000 -26.1% 2,408 -472 $2,311 $226,774,000 $29 9
10 8 Up in the Air Par. $5,460,000 -23.7% 2,107 -111 $2,591 $62,833,000 $25 7

New A-Team pictures

Some cracking new still of Joe Carnahans A-Team. Cannot wait.

Nathan Fillion gets super

That's right browncoats, Captain Mal has joined the cast of James Gunn's superhero comdey Super alongside Rainn Wilson, Liv Tyler, Ellen Page, Kevin Bacon, Michael Rooker and Linda Cardellini.

Super tells of a down on his luck joe average called FrankD'Arbo (Rainn Wilson) who dreams of becoming a superhero called Crimson Bolt after his bored wife (Liv Tyler) is charmed by a suave drug dealer (Kevin Bacon). Crimson Bolt has no powers but only a lead pipe as a weapon and a psychotic sidekick in the form of Ellen Page.

Nathan Fillion plays "the pop icon responsible for Frank's desire to become a superhero"

Apart from that i don't know much else except that it's great casting all round. Fillion is totally magnetic on screen and by rights should be a huge star.

Fast and Furious 2+3

Yes, you read it right. Chris Morgan has apparently turned in a double header screenplay for two more Fast and Furious films that will consist of a part two and three to the fourth part released last year. Confused?

Vin Diesel has confirmed it on his facbook page and says he is looking forward to seeing the location which would suggest that he is on board.

Can't say i enjoyed part 3 much and part 2 was iffy but i loved the original and last one, mainly due to the chemistry of the cast. Roll on parts 2 and 3 or 5 and 6, i'm not sure.

Spiderman 4 is dead!

Okay, so this news annoys me for a multotude of reasons, all of them indications of some major flaws in todays film industry.

Spiderman 4 has been officially canned. Director Sam Raimi feels he cannot make the next summer release date and still "uphold creative integrity" so he has bailed and contractually that means Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire are gone too.

Instead Sony are now planning a reboot of the series with a new cast and director.

These are my problems....

1. Artistic intergrity?? Did he even watch Spiderman 3? He had Peter Parker dancing down the street and hopping over chairs in a jazz club while supposedly being a badboy.

2. Rebooting a current and ongoing series just do they can shoehorn in a new cast? This screams of no confidence in what they are doing. Sony are panicking because the Spidey franchise farts money at them no matter how poor the film (the first three took $2.5 billion) and they want it to continue. Make no mistakes. Sony doesn't care at all about anything other than keeping the cash cow rolling.

3. Reboots in general. Just after Hulk was released they rebooted it. It was a reboot/sequel hybrid and made no sense of what was otherwise a good film. It wasn't needed in the form of a reboot and a sequel would have been fine. Superman Returns is due for a reboot. Why, when the last one was a great film and the cast played out their characters perfectly. Why are we being subjected to reboots of films that are only a few years old? Why the hell is Hollywood insistent of replaying stories to every new trend in filmaking that establishes itself every few years?

Pisses me off.
I say let the Spidey films die anyhow. They were all crap. Yeah i said it.

Thor loses........

.....Stuart Townsend! Queen of the Damned "star" Stuart Townsend has walked from the set of Thor the weekend before filming citing creative differences with the director.

Quite what this guy was thinking is beyond me. He's an actor of limited ability with no real star power that landed a role in what might be a major film next year. The last big film he was in was....hold on....let me check.....NOTHING!

Townsend was due to play Fandral, one of Thor's three allies but is now off the project and has been replaced already by Josh Dallas who was last seen in the Descent pt2.

To be honest i'm not terrible excited by the Thor project. It does seem like the period when studios were buying up every comic property they could lay their hands on is now starting to come to fruition and they are choosing the most likely to draw back gross through blockbuster status and audience familiarity. So i guess Thor was close to the top of the pile. It has already garnered an impressive cast list in the forms of Anthony Hopkins, Samuel L Jackson, Stellan Skarsgard and Kat Dennings but the only reason i can see me parking my backside to watch Thor for two hours is Natalie Portman, who plays the norse gods love interest.

And too many movies sign on big names to bluff creative gold to the paying public. But let's not forget that even highly credible actors like their stars to shine and all participate in big name summer movies from time to time to ensure that their names are still fresh in the faces of the populace.

Star Trek 2 release date

Good news for fans of the Star Trek rebirth (and let's face it, that was all of us) the next movie is definitely a go. Unfortunately you'll have to wait intul the July 4th weekend of 2012 to get your next fix into strange new worlds. Will we see Khan? I know fanboys are clamouring for it but i think Abrams should follow on from where he left of and forge his own path in the Star Trek universe. Hell, it's not cannon anyhow.

I would like to see the Spock/Kirk/Bones dynamic return more though. Those three were truly the heart of the original show and movies.

Box Office

Avatar holds the top spot again and it's worldwide takings now stand at $1.3Billion.

TWLWTitle (click to view)StudioWeekend Gross% ChangeTheater Count / ChangeAverageTotal GrossBudget*Week #
1 1 Avatar Fox $48,500,000 -29.2% 3,422 -39 $14,173 $429,040,000 - 4
2 2 Sherlock Holmes WB $16,610,000 -54.6% 3,626 - $4,581 $165,178,000 $90 3
3 3 Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel Fox $16,300,000 -53.7% 3,641 -106 $4,477 $178,184,000 $75 3
4 N Daybreakers LGF $15,000,000 - 2,523 - $5,945 $15,000,000 $20 1
5 4 It's Complicated Uni. $11,007,000 -41.5% 2,955 +58 $3,725 $76,370,000 $85 3
6 N Leap Year Uni. $9,165,000 - 2,511 - $3,650 $9,165,000 $19 1
7 5 The Blind Side WB $7,750,000 -34.9% 2,880 -46 $2,691 $219,197,000 $29 8
8 6 Up in the Air Par. $7,100,000 -33.8% 2,218 +323 $3,201 $54,700,000 $25 6
9 N Youth in Revolt W/Dim. $7,000,000 - 1,873 - $3,737 $7,000,000 $18 1
10 7 The Princess and the Frog BV $4,700,000 -52.2% 2,620 -708 $1,794 $92,600,000 $105 7

Better A-Team trailer

Here's a better version of the A-Team trailer posted the other day.


Apologies to the regular readers of the site. I know the slider and image glider are down and the box office chart aren't updating as normal. I'll have them running ship shape as soon as i can. The rest of the news rolls on as normal so don't think you're missing anything.

Check out the 2010 advanced preview post coming next week for all the big releases this year too.

A-team first leaked trailer!!!

This might not last long at all so watch it quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar the #2 film of all time

Avatar has just taken the number two spot in all time box office with $1,135,383,229 and now only trails James Camerons own Titanic (which sits at number one with $1,842,879,955). This means that James Cameron has taken almost $3billion in just two movies, a feat unique to him.

Avatar continues to break records daily and it's not without possibility that we may yet see the first film in history to break $2billion. What with nothing but spectacular reviews and word of mouth spreading like wildfire it is certainly possible. If anyone deserves it i dare say Cameron does. Let's just hope he doesn't wait 12 years to give us another film.

Legion - New Trailer-ish

A brand new peek at the upcoming Legion, where God has sent archangel Michael to lead the angelic army to earth with a bidding to destroy mankind. Archangel Gabriel is stuck in a diner in Mexico protecting a band of survivors, including a pregnant woman who may be carrying the next messiah. Check it out.

Legion is out at the end of the month.

Nightmare on elm street trailer

A short trailer combined with some behind the scenes footage of the new version of the horror classic. It looks like it's going to be closer to a direct remake than a new version to be honest. Something i don't see the point in.

Deathly Hallows trailer

Cop Out trailer

A new buddy movie starring Bruce Willis, Tracey Morgan and Sean William Scott.

The Thing prequel is go

Yes, in news that is either going to excite or revile you it's been announced that a prequel to one of the best and most heart-stoppingly tense movies ever made, John Carpenters The Thing has an official start date of March this year.

The Thing was an incredibly dark, paranoid and claustraphobic film about an isolated research facility in the arctic which is set seige to by an alien parasite which mimics its host perfectly. At the start of the movie we see the climax of a Norwegian research camp brought to destruction by the hundred-thousand year old alien. It's pitch perfect timing and gruesome effects make it still one of the tensest movie experiences you can watch.

The idea for a second Thing movie has been around for years, most of the time in the form of a sequel which saw the bodies of the last two researchers brought back to New York where a global infestation ensues. Now a prequel, one of the strongest things going for it is that the story idea comes from Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead, 300, Watchmen). Snyder has slowly been proving himself in film and i rank his credentials highly.

More news as it comes.

Avatar breaks $1Billion !

In just 17 days James Camerons Avatar has already broken the $1Billion mark. This means at the current rate Cameron will have the number one and two spot in all time box office in two weeks or less.

$3Billion in two films, what a score. No wonder they give him hundreds of millions to research and create new technologies. All hail James Cameron.


Trailer looks seriously good. Might even be the sequel we were looking for.


Trailer looks seriously good. Might even be the sequel we were looking for.


So it looks like Man on Fire on PCP. Who cares, looks ace.


Okay, so it's the right more. We'll get quality. But another year??