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Rise of the apes gets lithgow

Planet of the apes prequel Rise of the Apes has added the brilliant John Lithgow to the already impressive cast of Don Cheadle, James Franco and erm, Frieda Pinto.

Rise will show how gorillas, chimps and so on came to overthrow humans and become the dominant species on earth. And with such a massive legacy of film and text to work backward from we can only hope to erase the horrid memory of Tim Burtons PANT FEST!!

Now get you stinkin paws off of me you DAMN DIRTY APE!!!!

Splice - first poster

A very cool quad poster for a film I'm still not sure about. The trailer is obviously lying to us that this is an action horror. Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley star in this drama/thriller about a genetic experiment gone right/wrong.

green hornet - first trailer !

This looks soooo much funnier and cooler than i ever thought it would end up. Maybe Steven Chow leaving was the best thing to happen to it.

3d is here to stay

And it's AWESOME!

It's very fashionable right now to say that you hate 3D films. This type of thing always happens and it's usually moaned and groaned from the mouths of people who have not yet seen a 3D film. Those who have seen a proper 3D movie, not a conversion, tend to agree that the experience was a good one.

James Cameron says that he expects that in twenty years 3D will be the normal medium in which films will be made and that a transition period will happen in the same fashion that films went from blakc and white to colour and now colour is the standard format.

Times move on people and technology is leading the charge. Next year both the Odeon and Cineworld will boast that 45% of all their screens will be in the 3D format. And by next year the world will have 15,300 digital 3D screens as opposed to 8989 it had last year. Making 60% of the digital screens in the world 3D capable.

So, 3D is most definitely here to stay. I love it. The technology will get better and soon the gimmicky kids aspect will die out and filmmakers will start using it as a tool within the movie rather than a toy. This is the first step into a virtual movie environment in which movie goers will be immersed in the middle of a film. While this is obviously a long way off, it's nowhere near as far away as you think. And with the ever crumbling barrier between games and films, it won't be long either before you are part of these films.

Bring on the future i say, and crush anyone opposed to it.

M Night returns. Anyone care?

M Night Shyamalan was always highly, highly overrated in my opinion. I saw the twist in Sixth Sense right off the bat, thought Signs was painfully slow and such a poorly written concept that i was genuinely annoyed after watching it, figured out what the reveal in The Village was before i watched it, spent two hours laughing through the Happening and point blank refused to watch Lady in the Water.

But, i adored Unbreakable. And i mean adored it. I don't like Coldplay, but i love the song Fix You. I can't stand Stanley Kubrick, but i love Full Metal Jacket. So with this in mind it was with little regard when i read that M Night had another supposedly hot script doing the rounds with studio bigwigs this week.

What with the serious run of decidedly poor films turned out by Night i think it's time for one of three things to happen.

1. Night should admit that he is a one trick pony and a decent writer at best.
2. Night should try something totally different and say up front that the point of the film he is making is not to get to some ham-fisted twist ending that half the audience can see coming.
3. He should do what everyone really wants and give us more David Dunn and make Unbreakable 2.

I think most people wanted to see the Joker return in Batman 3 but we know it can't happen and that Hannibal Lecter style face off can never be in that world. But with Unbreakable 2 we can have David Dunn seeking out Mr Glass as his guide to the world he now lives in. The horror of Dunn realising that the only person he can turn to with insight into the reality he lives in is his arch enemy.

And for once, maybe the audience won't sitting telling themselves "This better not end the way i fucking think it will...."

Box Office

Toy Story romps into a record taking weekend whilst little known Jonah Hew flops massively on a $5 million weekend which is $5 million below the already low expectation of $10 set by the studio. I'm surprised that A-Team isn't doing great and equally surprised to see that Get him to the Greek is still in the top five after three weeks.

TWLWTitle (click to view)StudioWeekend Gross% ChangeTheater Count / ChangeAverageTotal GrossBudget*Week #
1 N Toy Story 3 BV $109,000,000 - 4,028 - $27,061 $109,000,000 - 1
2 1 The Karate Kid Sony $29,000,000 -47.9% 3,663 - $7,917 $106,254,000 $40 2
3 2 The A-Team Fox $13,775,000 -46.3% 3,544 +9 $3,887 $49,797,000 $110 2
4 4 Get Him to the Greek Uni. $6,117,000 -38.5% 2,592 -110 $2,360 $47,857,000 $40 3
5 3 Shrek Forever After P/DW $5,520,000 -65.0% 3,207 -661 $1,721 $222,977,000 $165 5
6 6 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time BV $5,273,000 -18.7% 2,605 -503 $2,024 $80,508,000 $200 4
7 5 Killers LGF $5,100,000 -36.3% 2,619 -240 $1,947 $39,370,000 $75 3
8 N Jonah Hex WB $5,085,000 - 2,825 - $1,800 $5,085,000 - 1
9 9 Iron Man 2 Par. $2,675,000 -40.8% 1,612 -693 $1,659 $304,764,000 $200 7
10 7 Marmaduke Fox $2,650,000 -55.9% 2,495 -718 $1,062 $27,886,000 $50 3

conviction - trailer

Sam Rockwell and Hilary Swank are two of the most respected actors in film today, and both star in this true life story about a man convicted of a murder he had nothing to do with, which sees his sister spend the next eighteen years of her life putting herself through law school in order to prove her brothers innocence.

The trailer is quite powerful in itself and i expect this to be a first rate movie performance wise as i rank Rockwell and Swank as two of the best in the world right now. Sadly i would wager that this is completely ignored by the mass market. So many great but smaller budget films are. Rockwell starred in the drama Snow Angels and was brilliant in it but like it and others life Winged Creatures, few people get to see them.

Scott Pilgrim - trailer #2

It's trailer Sunday and this is definitely the best trailer of the bunch. Waaay better than the last one. Come on Pilgrim.

Narnia: Dawn Treader - trailer

I wasn't a great fan of the first Narnia film to be honest so i was happily surprised when i saw this trailer. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader looks like it's going to be one of those Christmas movies you get comfy to watch every year or two.

Nice to see so many of the cast returning aswell. Released this december in 3D.

Angelina Jolie - Salt - Trailer

More MI-III than Bourne, this assassin/spy actioner looks far better than original premises detailed it might be. Starring Angelina Jolie, Liev Schrieber and Chiwetel Ejiofor, Salt sees CIA specialist Jolie framed as a Russian sleeper agent with plans to assassinate the US president, who then has to go on the run to prove her innocence. Not terribly original but who doesn't love this stuff?

Originally Tom Cruise was in the lead role but it was rewritten for Jolie once Cruise's time-slot's ran over. Phillips Noyce (Patriot Games, The Bone Collector) directs and writers Brian Helgeland and Kurt Wimmer are two of the most accomplished writers in film today with credits between them ranging over the likes of Law Abiding Citizen, Street Kings, LA Confidential, Mystic River, Bourne Supremacy, Man on Fire and Green Zone we should see some good stuff in this.

And it's great to see a girl playing the badass for once.

Clooney's the american - trailer

I think we have an awful lot to thank Doug Liman and Matt Damon for as this and so many other films nowadays are taking not only the material, but the audience far more seriously than the last twenty years of films. So often in the 80's and 90's we were talked down to by studios as they thought we were all slightly slow and would find even the mildest complication in plot of character arc too steep to follow.

This trailer is another bolstering moment for sober film. Something which has rightfully taken it's place in cinema. I don't mean to say that all films should go this way, far from it, but degrees of realism should definitely be adhered to in certain film worlds.

Check out the trailer now :)

The Smurfs - teaser trailer

Go on, you know you want to.....

x-men gets beast!

X-Men:First Class has another casting in the form of Benjamin Walker (Kinsey, Flags of our Fathers) as the furry, blue genius with insane acrobatic skills, Beast. A fan favourite, Beast was previously played by Kelsey Grammar in X-Men: The Last Stand (which I thought was great).

Walker joins already cast, James McAvoy (Professor X) and other front runners, Rosamund Pike, Amber Heard, Aaron Johnson and Frank Dillane for the origins story that will show the formation of the X-Men through Charles Xavier and Eric Lensher and their subsequent destruction as the founders fall apart and eventually go to war as Professor X and Magneto.

The thing release date

The prequel to John Carpenter's The Thing (presumably still also entitled The Thing) will be released on April 29th 2011. Eleven months from now.

The story deals with a team of Norwegian scientists who unwittingly discover a alien organism in the wreck of a hundred-thousand year old spacecraft in the Arctic which proceeds to infest itself inside them.

For anyone who hasn't seen or has forgotten just how spectacular this film was, check out the original trailer here.

New Predators images

Spoilers are included in this post.

Okay, I'm officially BACK on the "not happy about this film" wagon. The last trailer looked great but this looks like a step in a direction not needed. From what i can see they are retreading at least two memorable scenes from the original film and it looks like the new tribe of predators are the top dogs and the original predator is getting killed by one. A classic conceit of the new writer wanting to make his stamp on a pre-existing world. Remember when the Spinosaurus showed up and killed the T-rex in Jurassic Park 3? I remember that was what people were talking about when we left the cinema. Anyway, here are the pics...

Middle Men - trailer

This crept up on me and i hadn't expected the trailer to be half as good.

Luke Wilson and Giovanni Ribisi star in this true-ish story of the guys who first started trading goods online in 1995.

I just watched a documentary on this and back then it was an unwritten rule that you couldn't profit from the internet. How things change eh?

First Smurfs still

First still from the live version of the Smurfs movie starring Neil Patrick Harris, Katy Perry, Jayma Mays and Hank Azaria as the Evil Gargamel, who wants to capture the smurfs and use their awesome Smurf magic for, you know, evil n'

Legend of the Guardians - trailer

Produced by 300/Watchmen director Zak Snyder, this is most probably one for the kids and only kids.

Resident Evil: Afterlife - trailer

Seriously, i nearly didn't put this up. Resident Evil is not THE FUCKING MATRIX!!!
With reboots and remakes being banged out left and right, you'd think someone would go ahead and made a good movie based on this incredible world instead of pushing out this one dimensional shit.

Raimi to direct Oz with Downey Jnr

Sam Raimi has been confirmed to direct Oz: The Great and Powerful, a prequel to the Wonderful Wizard of Oz novel that was the basis for The Wizard of Oz (amongst plenty of other adaptations.

Oz tells of the journey a common magician from Omaha makes when he is transported to a rulerless kingdom of Oz and is appointed their ruler through a case of mistaken identity. The events of the story are to show Oz's magician skills coming into play as he attempts to become the great and powerful Oz that prophecy has foretold will arrive.

Raimi has proven his ability to lead in summer box office fare but where he might be a brilliant choice for this is in that he also loves darker material, something which the Oz universe likes to delve into.

Not yet confirmed but as yet first in line to play Oz is Robert Downey Jnr who is going from strength to strength right now and to be honest, i think might be superb in the role as a slightly bumbling, good natured charlatan.

This film has real franchise potential and I'm sure it would do amazingly well at the box office, something that is becoming more and more true with regards to pre-existing stories. Take Alice in Wonderland, it's already passed the billion dollar mark, people know about these stories and want to see new and fantastical versions of them, that and they can take their kids. The Oz universe has probably a hundred books written about it and there would be no shortage of source material. Although i suspect that if it does well we should see a Batman Begins style ending where the notion of a Dorothy is revealed.

Now all we need is to see if Oz battles the wicked witch and who will play her.....

Oz: The Great and Powerful will be released in 2013.

Space Jockey for Alien prequel

Ridley Scott has confirmed that the mysterious "Space Jockey" will indeed be one of the focal points on his new Alien prequels. Scott says that he was surprised that the Space Jockey element was left totally unexplored in ll subsequent alien movies and knows that fans have always wanted to know more about this mysterious creature.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the space jockey is the huge, calcified creature at the helm of the spacecraft on which the alien eggs (and later queen) were first found.

Although only briefly glimpsed the jockey will be central to the prequels in that we will get to see who they are and how their lives mix up with the alien species. Possibilities are that they are traders, carrying alien freight or a queen across space for some reason or they might even be trying to study the creatures. Either way something went wrong as a burst chest cavity can clearly be seen in Alien. Surmising that the jockey itself fell victim to an alien, most likely the queen egg.

Ridley Scott also stated that the two prequels have enough story for prequels of their own and that they will be set hundreds of years before the events of the first film.

Bring it on.

predators - first tv spot

Okay, so maybe i'm coming round to this idea now. This trailer actually is starting to look damn good. Although flying predators and predator dogs? Not so sure.

Barbosa returns !!

Geoffrey Rush has confirmed that he will return to play Captain Barbosa in Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides.

We last saw Barbosa in a slightly upset mood after realising that Jack Sparrow had stolen the centre of the map and was on the hunt for the fountain of youth.

Don't expect Knightly of Bloom to return though. Both have stated that they are finished with the films.

Resident Evil:afterlife poster

As i said before. The producers and directors should really remove the resident evil title from these pathetic films. They are matrix wannabee rip offs with bad John Woo action sequences.

Seriously guys, when the hell did the characters in any Resident Evil game get super powers????

One book, two films!?!??!

Okay, i know nothing about the Twilight films. I watched about ten minutes of the first one because Kristen Stewart is hot and then gave up due my hetrosexuality and uncomfortable urge at a hundred year old man lurking around a school for sixteen year old girls. But apparently there are more of them and the fourth one is called Breaking Dawn or something.

Anyway, the producers are milking parents pockets by ripping them off.....i mean splitting the Breaking Dawn movie into two parts. It's not enough that they release six versions of films now but they won't even let you watch one adaptation in one film. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Hobbit, Breaking Dawn! They must be padding out these scripts with a serious amount of fluff to make two films out of already sparse material.

Two cinema tickets for one book, up to six disc releases and the assorted merchandising these films generate is taking the serious piss out of the cinema going public.

And they wonder why piracy is on the rise?

Stop paying mildly talented actors tens of millions for four weeks of work and you might start to see more people return to the cinema if the prices dropped back down again.

titans 2 is go

In case you didn't know, Clash of the Titans was originally conceived as a trilogy by the writers and with it's current box office of $500million the second part has been greenlit to be shot in 3D starting as early as January 2011.

I'm a massive fan of most of the talent involved in Titans and i love the upgraded fantasy and visual elements so i am glad this is getting in motion as soon as possible.

The plot for the second and third is a well guarded secret right now so unfortunately no details.

Liam Neeson talks Taken 2

Liam Neeson has said that he is meeting with Luc Besson to see if they can meet on ideas over a sequel to the surpise 2008 action hit Taken.

Neeson has always said that he is not big on sequels but the character he played in it was so good that i think alot of people would be glad to see a return to the screen for his CIA kick-ass.

Plot is central to his hesitations it would seem but what they shouldn't do is rehash the original but take the character and give him a new challenge in his world. It worked for Bourne and Neeson's character could well develop into that sort of franchise.

Shockwave for transformers 3

Michael Bay says that the main villain of Transformers 3......dammit, I'm already starting to yawn....will be....Shockwave.

Shockwave is a Decepticon military commander and was left in command of Cybertron (Transformer homeworld) after Megatron left for earth. He's is a logical and ruthless character and i was all for him showing up in the abysmal second outing but after that calamity i definitely won't be watching a third movie where Bay tears apart a childhood favourite of mine. Seriously, did the guy even read the comics or watch any of the cartoons? He's gotten everything that was good about it all back to front.

Anyway, Shockwave is the main baddie, i suppose we'll see Megatron teaming up with Optimus or something.

Michael Bay, don't you realise that Megatron is the nemesis of Optimus and their battle is the one people want to see? Seriously, would you be interested in Star Wars if Darth Vader was suddenly turned into a little bitch and......

oh, that's right.

Anyway, Transformers 3 on 3D, SMASHING your ocular and auditory senses to oblivion sometime in the future.

Thor - BTS clip

A short, behind the scenes clip of the upcoming Thor adaptation starring Chris Hemsworth he was Kirks dad in Star Trek), Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Kat Dennings and Stellan Skarsgard.
Hemsworth should do well and i could watch Portman in anything, even crap, moody drama's.

The A-Team Extended Film Clip

Check out this brilliant, 4 minute A-Team clip. The boys get their first introduction to Howling Mad Murdock. My fingers are crossed that this is as good as i want it to be.

The A-Team Extended Film Clip

Bourne 4 is go

Tony Gilroy has been officially announced as The Bourne Legacy writer and has begun work on the screenplay.

Gilroy has written all of the Bourne films so far and has gradually moved further and further away from the source material with spectacular success. The Bourne Legacy will follow this trend and not use the plot from the Legacy novel.

Still, strangest of all is the current abscence of Matt Damon from the project. Damon has said that he won't return unless director Paul Greengrass returns to direct.

What next for Bourne? I would say with a large percentage of certainty that this won't go ahead without Damon as he is Bourne and for the most part his appeal is what brings audiences back to watch this character again and again. Let's face it, we don't really care about plot, watching Matt Damon being Jason Bourne for two hours is what we want. Legacy is slated for a summer 2012 release.

new Sorcerors Apprentice trailer

I'm looking forward to this. Looks like alot of fun, and good to see Cage taking it light again.

Final Destination - again

Final Destination is learning from the old master Jason Voorhees himself. Alas it seems that this franchise cannot, or more likely will not die until teenagers stop spending cash on date movies with no real point other than waiting for the next, overly elaborate, mousetrap-esque set piece to occur.
This next chapter will be directed by Steven Quale, who i've never heard of but James Cameron has as he had him on the team for The Abyss, Titanic and Avatar. Cameron himself recommended Quale for the directors chair for FD5. Quite why he would help a friend get a directors spot in this franchise, especially so late in the game is beyond me, but at least he backs up his crew.
The Thing remake's writer Eric Heisserer is penning this installment and i really can't figure out why, unless they have a radically new idea other than premonition, teen slaughter and then sudden "twist".
Why not go all out and make the premonition global, like an accidental nuclear blast or a virus than kills billion. Take the idea and run with it, make it dark, furiously bleak and give us something that will chill us and not just make us look away when the next kid gets squashed to death.

New Inception Banners

Indy 5 next year?

This rumour has been around for a short while but i wasn't 100% confident in the source. Now a little more weight has been thrown behind it and it looks like Harrison Ford has signed a holder contract in order to start shooting the last ever Indiana Jones with shooting to begin next year.

Mild spoiler ahead.

The plot revolves around the Bermuda Triangle and will return Indy to his character and action based roots and move away from the CGI hijinks of Cystal Skull.

Shia Lebouf will return as Mutt I hear. Even though i doubt he will take up the mantle on Indy as so many predicted very early on in the Crystal Skull project.

Crystal Skull recieved a mix review but i loved it and i'll watch anything that had Indy in it. They might have missed the charm of the earlier film and sprinkled in too many characters but it was an excellent piece of Indy lore. The more the merrier i say.

Predators poster !

The first bootleg photo of the first official poster for Robert Rodriguez's Predators reboot. I'm totally unsold on this right now solely on the weaknesses of the trailer. I'll still see it though.

Keaton wants Beetlejuice sequel!

Michael Keaton was quizzed at the weekend during a Toy Story 3 junket about a possible Beetlejiuce sequel. Here is what Mr Keaton had to say.

"We were wondering, is there going to be a sequel? I heard Geena Davis is ready to go if it happens"

MK: Oh I'd do that in a heartbeat.

"Would you do it?"

MK: Absolutely, that's the one thing I'd love to do again.

"That's great."

MK: That's the only one I'd love to do


This is what i call superb news. Someone in Hollywood needs to get off their backside and make this happen ASAP. The film Beetlejuice was okay, in the same way that the Fletch films were okay, what everyone loved and remembers was Michael Keatons standout, superbly, deviant Beetelejuice. I still quote the film with friends after over twenty years.

Keaton is a massively underused actor nowadays and i'd love to see him step back into the shoes of the ghost with the most.

Transformers 3 stills

Nothing spectacular, just new vehicle shots. Bay says that there will be a smaller Transformer roster this time round. Problem is, no-one really knew how many there were the last time.

Scott pilgrim - new trailer

The latest, and best yet trailer for the comic adap' Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Michael Cena plays Pilgrim who falls in love with a girl and in order to have her he must defeat her evil ex boyfriends. Looks silly and tons of fun. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chris Evans, Jason Schwartzman and Brandon Routh also star.

I kinda like the daftness of this. It's set in a world where spectacular things seem to occur without more than a batted eyelid. I think alot more films need to start having this much fun and stop trying to be dark and broody, we have plenty of that as it is. Look how great Kick Ass was.

Inception - new featurette

From the director of The Dark Knight. Here we have a peek at what is sure to be one of the most visually stunning films in the last few years. Nolan has kept us guessing with most of his work and Inception will most likely be the same. So if you want to know nothing about this film don't watch the clip. There aren't any real spoilers in it but it'll definitely point you in the general direction.

Karate Kid - final trailer

Despite the fact that he practices kung fu, this is somehow AHEM-CASHCOW now the Karate Kid remake starring Jackie Chan and Will Smiths sprog. Should be duff, and then spawn a sequel.

The Karate Kid Action Trailer in HD

Trailer Park Movies | MySpace Video

Brett ratner for snow white

Like Snow White? Love the Disney version? Well be prepared, Rush Hour director Brett Ratner is stepping into the producers shoes of a new, modern re-telling (re-tellings are fast becoming the new comic book adaptations) of the story.

This time around it will be an edgy comedy with a far more street wise Snow White, the dwarves are robbers, not miners and a fierce dragon maurades the countryside. I doubt she would do it but i can already see the writers picturing Anne Hathaway as they pen this one.

To be honest i think this might be good, Ratner might pick a director who can keep this on the funny side and bring it into a modern area.

Deathy hallows part one trailer

The trailer from the MTV Movie Awards. They are going for the will Harry live or die in this one but anyone who will go and see this has most likely read the book already. Unless they radically change the end of the film, i think you won't be very surprised. Expect the director to hold out on all the good stuff till the follow up.

John carpenter's fangland

It is with ever so slight meh that i tell you about the once film-making maestro that is John Carpenter's latest project, Fangland. Meh because i can't remember the last time I saw one of his films where it wasn't my overall impression during watching it. In fact, I just checked. It was memoirs of an invisible man, eighteen years ago.

So now he is "returning" with Fangland, an adaptation of the novel by John Marks which sees Evangeline Harker travel to modern day Transylvannia to interview crime boss, arms dealer Ion Torgu. Torgu, she finds is involved in crime far more atrocious than she imagined. The book takes a modern slant on the dracula legend with Evangeline being found with no memory in a Transylvanian monastery it is left for her producers to wonder who has been sending e-mail's in her name and why there are huge boxes being sent to her home. And what is that strange audio track on the tapes she sent back?

The novel is supposedly very sharp, witty and a clever satire of the media (Marks produces CBS's 60 Minutes). Hilary Swank is pencilled in to star but no formal contract has been signed, most likely just a holding deal. The weight of Swank will ensure more serious attention to this than Carpenter himself could muster nowadays (his last big names were Daniel Baldwin and Ice Cube).

The Expendables poster and trailer

More promo work from the testosterone grenade that is The Expendables. They're really pushing the names now, which is what they should have been doing since day one.

The action in each trailer hasn't sold me yet but seeing Schwarzenegger and Stallone's name up there together is pretty much as awesome as things are going to be. But let's face it, this can't fail.
New teaser.

Another trailer which shows a hint of it's biggest names on screen together.

No Joker for Batman III

Batman helmer Christopher Nolan has said that he will not recast the Joker for the third Batman film. This pretty much means that there will definitely be no Joker in the film. Early rumours were that the Joker and Batman would have a Hannibal Lecter style face to face in Arkham as the Joker helped (hindered) Batman with his latest villain. Alas it is not to be as Nolan says he does not feel comfortable recasting the character.
I understand this and commend it. Although there are some actors out there that would be perfect for the role. I have always said that John Leguizamo is tailor made to play the clown prince of crime. And how good would those face to face moments be? The interrogation room scene in the Dark Knight was simply a far greater moment than any DeNiro/Pacino face off could ever be. These characters had background, epic history that cannot be replicated. They had weight.

As for Batman III overall, Nolan says that his brother has already come to him with a story idea that left him very excited. The script is being worked on and the announcement for the last film is to come this summer.

Lets just hope it's Hush as the villain and not Penguin or some of the other more ridiculous rogues.

Box Office

TWLWTitle (click to view)StudioWeekend Gross% ChangeTheater Count / ChangeAverageTotal GrossBudget*Week #
1 1 Shrek Forever After P/DW $25,300,000 -41.6% 4,386 +19 $5,768 $183,043,000 $165 3
2 N Get Him to the Greek Uni. $17,423,000 - 2,697 - $6,460 $17,423,000 $40 1
3 N Killers LGF $16,100,000 - 2,859 - $5,631 $16,100,000 $75 1
4 3 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time BV $13,900,000 -53.8% 3,646 - $3,812 $59,452,000 $200 2
5 2 Sex and the City 2 WB (NL) $12,650,000 -59.2% 3,445 - $3,672 $73,434,000 $100 2
6 N Marmaduke Fox $11,300,000 - 3,213 - $3,517 $11,300,000 $50 1
7 4 Iron Man 2 Par. $7,783,000 -52.7% 3,007 -797 $2,588 $291,294,000 $200 5
8 N Splice WB $7,450,000 - 2,450 - $3,041 $7,450,000 $30 1
9 5 Robin Hood Uni. $5,133,000 -50.7% 2,599 -774 $1,975 $94,262,000 $200 4
10 6 Letters to Juliet Sum. $3,000,000 -48.6% 1,962 -863 $1,529 $43,300,000 - 4

Thanks to Box Office Mojo.


Trailer looks seriously good. Might even be the sequel we were looking for.


Trailer looks seriously good. Might even be the sequel we were looking for.


So it looks like Man on Fire on PCP. Who cares, looks ace.


Okay, so it's the right more. We'll get quality. But another year??